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eMatrix Skin Treatment

eMatrix Procedure

New Method Of Skin Resurfacing Without The Downtime Introduced by Syneron Medical LTD. in 2009, eMatrix is a new skin treatment, using radio frequency sublation, instead of laser energy, to correct impurities of the skin. It fills the gap between non-aggressive and aggressive types of skin treatment. Laser treatments help to correct minor impurities, and the most aggressive treatment of …

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A Fresh Look With Chemical Peels

Chemical Peeling

We all want fresh and glowing skin. Different products are available on the markets that promise to make you shine like a celebrity. What do these facial products consist of? We can give you insight into these chemical-peeling masks that improve your skin texture. After reading, you will know what chemical peel actually is, and what the procedure consists of. …

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Lipotherme Review – Risks and Benefits

Lipotherme Procedure

Lipotherme is a procedure which uses laser energy to liquefy and remove unwanted fat in some parts of the body and causes the tightening of collagen. Clinically, this procedure is referred to as laser-assisted liposuction or lipolysis. During this procedure, fatty tissues are removed through concealable incisions which are made in the skin area where the fat is to be …

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